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Individual treatment
for anxiety patients

Experience a pleasant dental treatment in a feel-good atmosphere with us. We take time for detailed consultations so that you can prepare yourself mentally for your treatment in the best possible way.
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The fear of going to the dentist

Very few people go to a dental appointment free of any excitement or fear. But for some, the fear is so great and overwhelming that a visit to the dentist becomes torture for them. As a result, affected individuals often go to dental checkups and appointments irregularly or not at all. This often leads to dental health suffering.

Treatment process tailored to your personal situation

We take your concerns and fears seriously and accompany you through your visit to our practice with great empathy.

Initial appointment
At the initial appointment, we first conduct a detailed intake and consultation discussion in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. During the conversation, we address the patient's fears and expectations. If the patient is then ready, we examine the dental situation and, if necessary, take an X-ray. Treatment does not take place on this day.

If treatment is necessary, we discuss the further procedure with the patient in detail. We explain the treatment and the treatment procedure in detail and discuss what options are available to make the treatment painless for the patient.

We plan enough time for the treatment appointment. This allows us to carry out the treatment in a calm and relaxed atmosphere without time pressure and hectic. We explain each step of the treatment. The patient always knows what to expect, which device will be used next, or what sounds to expect. Throughout the treatment, the patient is in control of the situation and sets the pace of treatment. Short breaks can be taken if necessary. We also offer our patients the opportunity to watch a movie or listen to music as a distraction.

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Sedierung für eine schmerzfreie Behandlung

A visit to us should be painless for our patients. We therefore also offer a sedation option - of course always individually tailored to the patient and the scope of the treatment.

Twilight sleep
For patients who are afraid of visiting the dentist, dental treatments are a great burden. In such cases, we offer sedation with a drug that is administered before treatment, usually via the arm vein or, in rare cases, orally. The patient remains awake during the treatment, but is completely calm and free of anxiety. This state is called psychovegetative uncoupling. In addition, so-called retrograde amnesia develops, so that the patient can only remember the procedure or treatment in the rarest of cases. This form of sedation is very well tolerated by the patient, and a longer wake-up time is not necessary after the treatment. The patient can leave the practice after about half an hour.

During the treatment, the blood pressure is continuously monitored, as is the oxygen saturation in the blood. For patients at risk, so-called monitoring (electronic cardiovascular monitoring) is performed.

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What awaits you in the treatment room

Long-term support and trust

More than just a dental visit - we go beyond your ordinary dental visit and build long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

The latest state of the art

Say goodbye to messy impressions with pastes and splints - our state-of-the-art 3D scanner revolutionizes the way we scan your teeth, allowing us to accurately and conveniently capture your tooth shapes.

No disturbing noises

With our noise-canceling headphones, you can listen only to your favorite music during your treatment. You will hardly notice any disturbing drilling or polishing noises.

Absolute transparency of the treatment

Our practice places great emphasis on transparency - from the cost breakdown to the explanation of each individual treatment step. You will always know exactly what to expect and can rely on open and honest communication.

Say goodbye to fear and pain - with our experienced team and innovative technologies for anxiety-free dental treatments!
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Our team of specialists uses the latest research and technology to put your health and well-being first. We recommend only the treatments you actually need to keep your teeth and jaw healthy and strong.
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Specialist for invisible tooth correction with aligners or lingual braces

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Specialist in oral surgery

Specialist in the removal of wisdom teeth, apicoectomies and implants

Anxiety-free treatment in twilight sleep

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