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Aligner trays in Munich: More about the modern treatment for a radiant smile

Experience the revolutionary aligner system: gentle tooth correction without visible braces or wires. With our invisible aligners, you can achieve a radiant smile in no time - perfect for mild to moderate misalignments. Learn more about the advantages of Invisalign with us now!
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The alternative to fixed braces

A radiant smile with straight teeth - who doesn't wish for that? Although many people dream of a healthy set of teeth with straight teeth, they also shy away from orthodontic treatment and therefore keep putting it reason for this: The thought of conspicuous and uncomfortable braces, which patients do not want to resort to.But thanks to modern aligner trays, in many cases of misaligned teeth, this is not even necessary. We have summarized below how aligner treatment works, in which cases it can be used, what advantages it offers compared to classic treatment with braces, and where you can have aligner treatment in Munich.

Inconspicuously correct malocclusions with clear braces

Aligners are a modern alternative to traditional braces. Compared to these, aligners are characterized by their inconspicuousness, which is why they are often referred to colloquially as "invisible or transparent braces". However, this is not entirely correct: aligners are not braces in the true sense of the word. Rather, they are transparent dental splints - there are no wires or brackets.

Advantages of the innovative tooth correction:

Easy handling

Aligners are removable and can therefore be removed at any time, for example for eating or cleaning the teeth. They are also more comfortable than fixed braces when speaking and swallowing.

Completely invisible

Aligners allow you to correct your misaligned teeth without everyone seeing it. They are almost invisible and hardly noticeable, unlike conventional braces.

Highly effective

Aligners are capable of correcting a wide range of tooth misalignments, both mild and moderate. They usually achieve faster results than conventional braces.

Almost invisible: The modern Invisalign® aligners

Invisalign®, SureSmile®, ClearCorrect®, Spark® and many more - nowadays there are several manufacturers and brands of aligner systems that can serve as an alternative to braces. At LORA, we rely on the modern aligners of the manufacturer Spark®. Spark® has become one of the leading suppliers of transparent aligners. The aligners are almost invisible and offer a comfortable and discreet alternative to conventional braces.

Indications that can be remedied by aligner treatment:

Head bite
Tooth tilts
Gap level
Open bite
Deep bite

Treatment procedure: This is how Invisalign® therapy works at LORA in Munich

Orthodontic treatment with aligners can be used to correct mild to moderate tooth misalignments. Invisalign® therapy is performed in several steps. First, 3D models of the teeth are created, on the basis of which individually customized aligner trays are produced. These aligners are then changed at regular intervals to gradually move the teeth into the desired position. Typically, aligners are replaced every one to two weeks, allowing for a gentle and cautious approach. Each aligner applies gentle pressure to the teeth, slowly moving them into the correct position. The duration of treatment depends on the specific degree of misalignment, usually ranging from 3 months for minor misalignments to 2 years for very complex treatments. During treatment, regular check-ups with the treating orthodontist are important to monitor progress and make adjustments if necessary.Once the desired result is achieved, it is secured by the use of fixed retainers or retention splints, so that you can enjoy your new smile for a long time.

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Costs of a therapy and assumption by the health insurance company

The cost of aligner treatment can vary depending on the individual case. Factors such as the severity of the malocclusion, the duration of the treatment and the price of the clear aligners used influence the total costs.Simply contact us and we will develop - based on your findings and your ideas - an individual treatment plan together with you. Unfortunately, in many cases, public health insurance companies do not cover the costs of aligners, since orthodontic treatment of this kind is considered primarily an aesthetic correction. Of course, we will be happy to advise you individually in our practice in Munich-Schwabing. In addition, we offer our patients financing options so that they do not have to do without aligners and straight teeth.Private health insurance companies must cover aligner trays in the same way as fixed braces if they are obliged to pay for orthodontic treatment. In such cases, you will always receive a cost estimate from us, which you can submit in advance.

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Correct your smile together with LORA

Also for slight malpositions

With Invisalign, we treat a wide range of tooth misalignments - from mild to moderate. Our clear aligners are a discreet and comfortable alternative to traditional fixed braces and are suitable for adults and teenagers alike.

State of the art

With our innovative 3D scanning process, we create a precise and detailed digital model of your teeth. This allows us to individually and accurately analyze your oral health and plan treatments that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

Quick successes

The duration of treatment varies depending on the extent of the malocclusion and lasts on average between 4 and 18 months. We work closely with you to ensure that you achieve the best possible result and can look forward to a radiant smile.

4 years warranty on your teeth alignment

With our comprehensive after-care service, we ensure that your radiant smile remains intact even after treatment is complete. If your teeth shift again despite the use of the retainer, we offer you another treatment with our aligners free of charge until the result is right.

Comparison of advantages and disadvantages: aligners vs. fixed braces

Compared to fixed braces, aligners have various advantages and disadvantages due to the different treatment concepts.

One major advantage of aligners is their inconspicuousness. The transparent dental trays are barely visible - in contrast to braces with brackets and wires, which directly catch the eye of the person opposite.In addition, the dental trays are very flexible and treatment is less time-consuming because, for example, no brackets have to be laboriously fixed and removed at the end of treatment.

The flexibility is also evident in other situations: The splints can be removed before eating, and tooth cleaning is also made easier. Another advantage is that good results can often be achieved more quickly with aligners than with fixed braces.

Meanwhile, the basic advantage of fixed braces is that they can be used to correct even very pronounced malocclusions. However, in most cases, inspiring results can already be achieved with the help of aligners. Therefore, please contact us and we will check individually whether aligner treatment is possible in your specific case.

Before and after comparison: Great results with invisible braces
Great results can be achieved with aligners - this is also shown again and again by before and after comparisons. Below we have compiled a small selection of pictures showing real aligner results of patients treated by the team at LORA. We would like to sincerely thank the persons pictured for giving us permission to publish the pictures! But with such a bright smile you really don't have to hide - or what do you think?

Increased self-confidence and more: Aligner experiences of our patients

At LORA, we have already been able to help many patients achieve straight teeth and a radiant smile. Again and again, the treated persons tell us about their positive experiences and are enthusiastic about the achieved results. The patients are especially happy about an improved bite, an aesthetic smile and an increased self-confidence. We have compiled some patient reports on aligner experiences below:

"I am absolutely thrilled! Already after a few weeks I could notice the first changes and I have already received many compliments for my new smile."
Ralf R. from Munich

"After my personal experience, I can only recommend the aligner treatment at LORA. The team is super nice and always answered my questions in detail."
Susanne S. from Munich

"It's hard to believe how inconspicuous the aligners are! They really are virtually invisible. And how uncomplicated the cleaning of the aligners is, that really surprised me!"
Martina L. from Dachau

Not so complicated: Care and cleaning of dental trays

We have already described above that one of the advantages of aligners is their flexibility. They can be easily removed for eating and cleaning teeth, making everyday life much easier. The days of food debris getting caught on the brackets and wires of fixed braces are a thing of the past with aligners.

Caring for aligners is not complicated either. Removed from the mouth, patients can easily clean the aligners. Special cleaning crystals and solutions are available for this purpose, and cleaning can also be done conveniently with a toothbrush and water. Thorough aligner cleaning is important to prevent discoloration, odor formation and bacterial growth. It is essential that you also always follow the individual recommendations of your treating dentist or orthodontist as well as the hygiene tips and instructions of the manufacturers, i.e. Invisalign® for example.

LORA is your competent partner for aligner therapy in Munich

If you also suffer from a malocclusion such as crowding, rotations or an overbite or similar complaints, please feel free to visit us in our practice rooms in Munich-Schwabing. LORA is your experienced partner for dentistry, orthodontics and aligner therapy in Munich.
We would be happy to advise you personally and in detail on all topics related to aligner treatment - from cleaning the aligners to the course of treatment to financing options for Invisalign® therapy. Just contact us and we will find the right solution for your radiant smile together with arrange your personal consultation appointment today!

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