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Radiantly beautiful teeth with veneers: All info on costs & treatment

Get a radiant smile with our digitally designed and professionally fabricated ceramic veneers - perfect for the highest aesthetic demands. With these, you can have a perfect smile conjured up and visually enhance your teeth in just a few steps.

Here you can find out exactly what veneers are, what advantages and disadvantages they have, what they cost and how our specialists can give you a great smile without optical misalignments in just three treatment steps.

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Transform your teeth into a radiant smile with high-quality veneers

Veneers - the perfect solution for uneven and damaged front teeth. Our digitally designed and professionally fabricated ceramic veneers meet the highest aesthetic standards and offer an effective way to correct discoloration, cracks, misalignments, and chipped tooth edges in the anterior region. With our help, you can laugh and speak again without worry!

Smile like the stars - that's how the treatment works:

3D image capture
and preview

Even before the actual procedure: Experience your new smile in 3D - with our state-of-the-art scanner and digital preview.

Applying temporary veneers

Experience your new smile before the final restoration with our temporary veneers- share it with friends and family and see how it looks on you.

Dental veneer: Permanent restoration

Now your veneers are fabricated at our high-quality partner laboratories. Finally, we make the final adjustments and attach your permanent veneers.

Ceramic veneers: Effective solution without ground teeth

With veneers, we can effectively correct color defects, cracks in the enamel and slight malocclusions in the anterior region. Thanks to the possibility of matching the color of the neighboring teeth, they look completely natural and often cannot be distinguished from natural tooth substance by a dentist.

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Examples of types and colors: before/after images (veneers)
The before photos often show teeth with discoloration, signs of wear or small cracks, while the after photos show perfect-looking, bright white teeth. Our veneers are made of a wafer-thin but strong material (ceramic) that is perfectly adapted to the teeth. The ceramic veneers can be made in different colors and shapes to achieve the desired result and provide a natural appearance.

Explanation: This is how veneers work

Veneer tooth
Your teeth

Veneers cover teeth that are spaced apart, worn, chipped or discolored.

Veneer tooth
Surface preparation

We remove a thin layer of enamel to improve the hold of the veneers.

Veneer tooth
Applying the veneer

We first apply a temporary veneer, then a permanent one.

Veneer tooth
Time to smile

The time has come!
Enjoy perfect, natural looking teeth.

Face without veneers
Without veneers

As you age, your mouth loses elasticity and muscle tone, making your face look less symmetrical.

Face with veneers
With veneers

Veneers support the muscles of your face. They make the cheekbones more prominent and your face more symmetrical.

The cost of a radiant smile with veneers

We understand that cost is an important consideration when it comes to beautifying your smile. However, blanket and general statements about price are unfortunately not possible. Each patient has individual needs and requirements that can affect the price.

Factors such as the number of veneers needed, the complexity of the treatment and the material chosen all play a role. In a personal consultation, all these aspects will be discussed in detail in order to be able to provide you with an accurate cost estimate.
Upper jaw
Lower jaw
Price overview veneers:
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*Example of the costs to be borne by the patient himself/herself for those with statutory health insurance (= personal contribution). The actual costs result from individual circumstances according to the dentists' fee schedule (GOZ). For certain services, there may be a treatment alternative without co-payment. Financing example without interest or fees.

Advantages, disadvantages and possible risks: The perfect smile without teeth grinding

When deciding on veneers, we want to reassure you that the benefits outweigh the potential risks. The advantages are clear: veneers are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to enhance their smile without having to perform major grinding work on the tooth. These wafer-thin veneers are individually adapted to the shape of the tooth and applied to the tooth surface without having to remove a large part of the natural tooth substance. This allows for a quick and gentle treatment that is long-lasting, stable, esthetic, and non-discoloring. Our technique is also gentle on the gums and offers an alternative to crowns, which require major surgery.

The disadvantages and risks are extremely low. Some patients report temporary tooth sensitivity after placement, but this usually subsides quickly. Modern technology and high-quality materials reduce the risk of complications or intolerance to a minimum. Let us advise you and you will soon enjoy a natural and radiant smile.

Experiences with veneers: Does it hurt to get veneers?

A slight tingling or pressure sensation may occur during treatment, but most patients report that the application of the veneers is completely painless.
After the treatment, you may experience slight sensitivity, but this usually disappears within a few days. We recommend avoiding cold and hot foods and drinks for some time and consulting your dentist if you have any concerns or pain. Our top-notch dentists will work with you to ensure that the porcelain veneers are best suited to your needs and desires.

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How we make your veneers:

Veneers are a modern and effective way to enhance your teeth and achieve a radiant smile. During your initial consultation appointment, our experienced dentists will take a state-of-the-art 3D scan of your teeth to measure them correctly and give you a digital preview of your new smile.

Thanks to digitization, you have the opportunity to incorporate your wishes and ideas directly into the planning process and be convinced of the natural look of the veneers. This means you can be sure that your teeth will shine again and you can laugh and speak without worry. It is entirely up to you how white or natural they will look.

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From impression to placement: This is how long it takes to get veneers

Fabricating porcelain veneers for your teeth is a time-consuming process that can be completed in our office in as few as three visits. Compared to other dentists, who often require multiple visits, we can make the process more efficient, providing you with faster treatment.
The first visit is a consultation, where we discuss your needs and get an idea of your oral health. We then prepare your teeth for the veneers by removing an extremely thin layer of enamel.
During the second visit, impressions are taken of your teeth to ensure that the veneers fit perfectly. Porcelain is then made and colored in a specific shade to create a natural look.
At the third and final appointment, the veneers are placed. We check the fit again and make sure you are satisfied with the result. Then they are finally placed and you can immediately enjoy your new smile.
In total, only three visits are necessary for the fabrication. We guarantee a quick, painless and high quality treatment that will give your teeth a fantastic new aesthetic.

Veneers - cleaning and care

You care for your new veneers almost the same way you care for your natural teeth and your overall dental health. Brushing, flossing and mouthwashes are all you need to care for your veneers. We also usually recommend a nightly guard to protect them from wear and tear caused by teeth grinding.
After placement, we recommend that you do not eat hard candies or other very hard foods that do not occur naturally, as they can damage your veneers (as well as your natural teeth). On the other hand, eating apples, corn on the cob and other natural foods that require vigorous biting and chewing is perfectly fine.

Durability of porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers - one of the most popular methods of achieving an attractive and natural smile - are made of high-quality ceramic and offer a permanent solution to misaligned teeth and an unsightly appearance of the teeth. Most veneers made in dental offices last for decades, if not a lifetime. However, it is important to note that no dental restoration lasts forever.
To maximize the durability of the porcelain variety, it is important to care for it properly, as described earlier. This includes regular checkups with your dentist, using mouthwashes, and eating a healthy diet.
It is also important to have them made by experienced and qualified dentists. At our dental offices, we only use high-quality materials and provide top-notch service to ensure that your veneers last as long as possible.
In conclusion, porcelain veneers are an excellent option for people who want to improve their smile. With proper care and attention, they can last for many years and give you a natural and radiant smile.Book Appointment

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