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Dentist emergency service Munich

Trautenwolfstraße 8, 80802 Munich
Fast and effective solutions for acute dental problems - at LORA we offer immediate same day appointments within 2 hours. Let our experienced team treat you and get fast relief from your discomfort.
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The friendly dental team at the LORA practice in Schwabing. Our experienced dentists and staff are available for all your dental needs. Make an appointment today and experience our compassionate and professional care.

Dentist emergency service near you - immediate help for acute dental problems

Welcome to one of the best rated dental practices in Munich! Do you suddenly have a severe toothache? Or have you broken a tooth and need urgent help? In such emergencies, quick action is crucial, and our emergency dental services in Munich are available to provide you with immediate assistance. We keep different times in our schedule every day to treat you directly in case of emergencies.

Our experienced emergency dentists specialize in treating acute dental problems and providing you with fast relief. We understand how distressing and painful dental pain can be, which is why we offer extremely fast appointment booking within 2 hours. Visit directly to book an appointment for today!

Well-founded in medicine and science

Our dentists are always at the cutting edge of technology and research to provide you with the best possible treatment. We are constantly looking for further developments to guarantee you first-class care.

The person in focus

Everything we do is focused on improving our patients' oral health in a way that supports your overall well-being. We are non-judgmental, accessible to everyone, and always close by.

Long-term support and trust

More than just a one-time dental visit - we go beyond your ordinary dental visit and build long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

Transparent treatment process

Our practice places great emphasis on transparency - from the cost breakdown to the explanation of each individual treatment step. You will always know exactly what to expect and can rely on open and honest communication.

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Are health insurance and private patients treated equally?
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