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Professional dental cleaning (PZR) already from 79€*.

In our modern dental practice in Munich, we offer you a comfortable dental cleaning that is tailored to your individual needs. Our dental cleaning includes a free 3D scan of your teeth so that we can perform an accurate analysis of your dental and oral health. Our experienced dentists and dental hygienists take a careful and gentle approach to ensure you have a comfortable treatment. Let us advise you and enjoy a bright smile after your teeth cleaning.
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Teeth cleaning Munich Schwabing

Prophylaxis as the basis of dental health

Regular dental visits are the key to a healthy smile. At LORA in Munich, we offer our patients comprehensive dental prophylaxis tailored to your individual needs. This includes professional teeth cleaning, plaque and discoloration removal, and a detailed check-up. We use modern technologies such as 3D scans to detect and treat possible diseases at an early stage. Let our experienced team advise you and keep your teeth and gums healthy in the long term.

No more disturbing noises during your treatment

Enjoy a relaxed and pleasant treatment while listening to your favorite music or podcast. Our modern headphones (Apple AirPod Max) suppress annoying treatment noises and provide a quiet atmosphere during your dental cleaning, check-up or other treatments.

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Free dental checkup with every professional dental cleaning

During a checkup, we look not only at your teeth and gums, but also at the health of your oral mucosa, tongue and jaw joints. If present, we also check fillings, crowns and dentures for functionality and fit. This allows us to detect and treat any problems early on.

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A professional dental cleaning (PZR) at an attractive fixed price of:


from 79€*
Duration: 30 minutes
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  • Free checkup from the dentist
    Tartar removal
  • Cleaning of the interdental spaces
  • Simple polish
  • Flouridation
    Control by one of our dentists
  • Noise cancelling headphones + your favorite music
  • Recommended for younger patients without dentures or pre-existing diseases of the periodontium.
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* Example of the costs to be borne by the patient himself/herself for those with statutory health insurance (= personal contribution). The actual costs result from individual circumstances according to the dentists' fee schedule (GOZ). For certain services, there may be a therapy alternative without co-payment.

This is what awaits you in the treatment room:

Pleasant tooth cleaning

Experience a thorough and gentle dental cleaning in our practice, which reaches even hard-to-reach places and optimally cleans your teeth. Optimize your oral hygiene and improve the appearance of your smile.

The latest state of the art

With our innovative 3D scanning process, we create a precise and detailed digital model of your teeth. This allows us to individually and accurately analyze your oral health and plan treatments that are perfectly tailored to your needs.

No more lengthy appointments

Enjoy a relaxed and pleasant treatment while listening to your favorite music. Our modern headphones suppress noise and provide a quiet atmosphere during your dental cleaning, check-up or other treatments.

Nothing you do not need

With our years of experience and expertise in dentistry, we can ensure that your teeth and smile remain in top condition without unnecessary treatments. We emphasize transparency and honesty in our recommendations and treatment plans, so you always know exactly what to expect and why.

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