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Bleaching: Cosmetic teeth whitening in Munich

Experience a radiant smile with our professional teeth whitening, performed by our experienced team of specially trained professionals. Thanks to a whitening of several color levels, you will feel comfortable with your smile again and increase your self-confidence. Let us advise you and tell you how we can help you improve your smile.
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Tooth whitening at the dentist or at home for bright white teeth

Beautiful white teeth not only look well-groomed, but also make our laughter appear more radiant and attractive. Our professional teeth whitening, performed by experienced professionals, will make your teeth shine naturally. Experience the difference and improve your aesthetics with a customized bleaching treatment at our practice.

 Teeth whitening already from 299€* - price and cost

We offer professional teeth whitening at prices that meet your needs. These start at €299*, although individual costs may vary depending on the scope and your personal needs.

Our transparent pricing policy ensures that you know what your bleaching will cost from the outset. We will determine the exact price for your individual treatment together in a free initial consultation.

Whiten teeth for a bright smile

A bright white smile is the epitome of health and attractiveness. With our professional teeth whitening, we remove yellowish discoloration and help you boost your self-confidence with a radiant smile. Optimize your tooth color now and smile with confidence.

Without pain or harmful substances: 100% safe

Unlike over-the-counter whitening kits, professional teeth whitening does not harm your enamel or gums. Trust the expertise of our dentists for a healthy and radiant smile.

Short duration: same day results

Bleaching specifically removes yellowish discoloration and deposits from the teeth. By using modern and high quality products, you will experience an immediate result and can enjoy your new bright smile directly after the treatment.

Procedure: Before we get started...

Our professional teeth whitening provides you with immediate visible results by removing yellowish discoloration and giving you a bright smile. Before each treatment, we perform a thorough checkup to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy enough for whitening.

We thoroughly clean your teeth and determine the extent of discoloration to ensure the best possible treatment for a natural and beautiful result.

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Safe bleaching with hydrogen peroxide in the dental office

During bleaching in our practice, a gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to the affected teeth in "several rounds", after which it is left to work for a few minutes and finally rinsed off again. This process can be repeated several times (up to 4 times), so it is possible to control the whitening very well and avoid too much whitening.

To make the treatment as pleasant as possible, you can use our modern headphones during the treatment and listen to your favorite music or audio books.

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Our fläsh bleaching system: Gentle whitening without side effects

Our new, state-of-the-art teeth whitening procedure using the fläsh LED light is a safe and very effective way to remove stains and impurities and lighten your natural tooth color. The UV lamp works in conjunction with a special light-activated bleaching gel that is applied to your teeth.

The combination of UV light and gel creates a powerful but gentle effect that guarantees you a radiant result. Convince yourself

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Teeth whitening at home thanks to home bleaching

With home bleaching, we offer you a convenient and flexible way to whiten your teeth at home. You will receive customized trays from us, into which you fill the gel and wear them during the night.

This process is repeated over a period of several weeks until the desired whitening is achieved. Remember that a check-up must be performed before application to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.

Before/after: Determine your future tooth color yourself

Teeth whitening process
Teeth whitening process
Teeth whitening process
Teeth whitening process
Teeth whitening process
Teeth whitening process

In comparison: Our bleaching offers for you:

Home Bleaching

from 299€*
Duration: approx. 2 weeks
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  • Custom made dental splints
  • Perform your bleaching relaxed at home (90min daily)
  • Medical whitening gel available exclusively through the dentist
  • Detailed explanation by qualified personnel on the protection of the gums
  • incl. 5 tubes with 16% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel

*Example of the costs to be borne by the patient himself/herself for those with statutory health insurance (= personal contribution). The actual costs result from individual circumstances according to the dentists' fee schedule (GOZ). For certain services, there may be a therapy alternative without co-payment.

Do the teeth darken? What to bear in mind when caring for and eating your teeth

Tooth whitening achieves permanent results, which may vary depending on individual oral hygiene and dietary habits. To keep teeth white and healthy for longer, it is important to maintain good oral hygiene and avoid tooth-staining foods and habits such as coffee, tea, red wine or smoking.

If the tooth color is no longer satisfactory after some time, teeth whitening can be performed again. However, it is advisable to leave a period of at least 6 months to a year between two treatments to avoid possible sensitivities and to avoid overloading the teeth.

Use the experience of our dentists for best results

Our team of specialists uses the latest research and technology to put your health and well-being first. We recommend only the treatments you actually need to keep your teeth and jaw healthy and strong.
Dr Fabian Harders

Dental management

Activity focus:
Functional diagnostics & therapy

(CMD)Specialist for invisible tooth correction with aligners or lingual braces

Memberships in professional societies: DGZMK, DGFDT, DGKFO
Dr. Jane Schier

Specialist in oral surgery

Specialist in the removal of wisdom teeth, apicoectomies and implants

Anxiety-free treatment in twilight sleep

Memberships in professional societies: DGZMK, DGI, FVDZ
Tim Claßen


Specialist in aesthetic dentistry

Many years of experience in all areas of modern dentistry

Sports dentist

Memberships in professional societies: DGZMK, DGI, FVDZ

Dangerous disadvantages: Bleaching products from the pharmacy or drugstore

The products available on the Internet, in drugstores or pharmacies are often dosed too low to achieve a visible result or contain ingredients that have no bleaching effect at all.

In addition, bleaching must be performed at home without medical supervision or prior consultation. In this process, the bleaching agent is applied to the tooth surface with brushes or gels, for example. Neither the gums nor the oral cavity are protected here.

Bleaching should also only be performed if the teeth are healthy and there is no damage or disease. This should be checked in advance by a dentist. During a bleaching in the dental practice, you will be advised in detail regarding the various bleaching methods and the result to be expected from them, and you will be professionally supervised during the procedure. You do not have this security, for example, if you order products from the Internet or the pharmacy.

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